What's in the box

  • BlueSmart mia smart sleeve (includes indicator puck and sleeve)

  • Power on/off pin USB cable

  • Quick start guide

  • Wireless charger

The BlueSmart mia also comes with

  • Worry-free WiFi connection

  • Notifies parents and caregivers to prepare a bottle in advance of baby's next feeding

  • Made of waterproof materials that are safe for baby

  • Let multiple users have access to one account so everyone can track baby's progress and celebrate their milestones

The app that keeps everyone connected


Track your baby's daily food intake, see when your little one's next feeding is scheduled for and chronicle key milestones.

  • Profiles
    Quick link cards
  • Sidebar
    Cover photo


Track all of your baby’s feeding records and view upcoming feeding times.

  • Reminder
  • Feeding record details
    Feeding status


Preserve every moment of your baby’s growth and share it with family and friends. Record your baby’s food, sleep, height, weight and milestones.

  • Milestones
    Food note
  • Sleep note
    Growth note


Record and share your baby’s growth data, including height, weight, sleep and feeding records with family, friends or your pediatrician.

  • Share data report
    Height data
  • Weight data
    Sleep data