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Digitize your day care operations with BlueSmart Care.

Spend less time recording, and more time caring.


Be a part of the Smart Nursery.

To learn more, contact us at support@bluesmartmia.com



Not just software

Our all-in-one solution mixes hardware with software to provide the ultimate smart nursery.


New revenue stream

The daycare system is free to use, and we profit share parent subscriptions.


Increase parent satisfaction

Two-way communication with parents, real-time activity updates, and exceptional reporting.


Automatically track essential baby activities

Save time with our hardware that removes the need to manually record naps or bottle feedings


Real-time data

Daycare directors, teachers, and parents can all stay up-to-date


Granular and paperless reporting

Instantly accessible data with unparalleled accuracy




  • Drive higher parent engagement
  • Increase transparency and accountability
  • Monitor special care requests
  • Send personalized photos
  • Store allergy and immunization profiles
  • Utilize secure data storage
  • Stay organized
  • Simplify parent billing
  • Track attendance with check-in and check-outs
  • Manage enrollment
  • Administer staffing, employment, and payroll