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How BlueSmart mia started with smart bottle feeding

The BlueSmart team is comprised of mothers and fathers, who also happen to be technologists. As parents, we know that nothing is more important than the health and happiness of our little ones … and we also know that we can't always be side-by-side with our babies, every minute of every day.


Being away from our children, whether we're at the office for a few hours or away from them for a day or two (or longer), can lead to stress and anxiety and (let's be honest), wondering if others are caring for our little ones in the ways that we would. We found this to be especially true when we were new parents and saw ourselves constantly "checking in" on one of the most critical components of our babies' development – their feeding.


It's those real-life experiences that drove us on our mission to create a technological innovation designed to make every member of the family happier and enhance the way parents and caretakers feed their infants. That's how BlueSmart mia was born.


Whether down the street or across the country, BlueSmart mia will help ensure that parents have the peace-of-mind that their babies are being fed the proper amounts at the appropriate times and empower them to track their little ones' progress and share milestones with family members and pediatricians.


In this spirit of using technology to provide care for the most important people in our lives, the BlueSmart team remains committed to developing and innovating “heartfelt technologies” that help nurture parents and their little ones. Together, we'll work towards the enhanced health and happiness of families around the world!




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