What Does the Babysitter Need?

Leaving your baby for the first time can be a daunting reality! Whether you’re going out on a much-needed date night, having lunch with a friend, or heading back to work, you know that choosing a responsible person is a must. But what else is a must? What should the babysitter have while you are away so that your baby is as safe and happy as usual? There are a few things your child’s caregiver will need and a few things that will make their life, and yours, easier while they are with your little one.

Bath accessories set out

While you may not require that your sitter give the baby a bath, it’s good to have things prepared in the case that baby spits up, has a blow out, or gets super messy from playing. The last thing the sitter wants to do is search for the right PJs or bath soap. Make it easier and smoother for them by having everything ready to go on the counter. Be sure to include the tub, body wash or shampoo, a thermometer, a washcloth, a bath towel, and a mat or towel for the sitter to use as well.

Diapers, wipes, rash cream

The baby will need a few diaper changes while you’re gone, so go ahead and make a few diaper stations around the house, particularly if you have two stories. At the very least, have a diaper area in the living room so that the sitter can stay in the main spaces of the house, should they choose or should they have any disabilities.

Toys and books

Put all of your baby’s favorite toys, chew/teething toys, lovies, and books in a basket next to the diaper stations. This increases the chances of your baby being happy and feeling secure while you are away. Not to mention, the babysitter can bond with baby through play, increasing your chances of having the perfect sitter on stand-by for your family.

Prepared bottles/food

Lastly, prepare as many bottles and meals beforehand so that the babysitter can reach in the refrigerator, grab and go. Be sure they are aware of the BlueSmart Mia and know how to use it with the bottles! You want to decrease the time spent fussing! And go the extra step…order a pizza or have a small meal ready for your sitter too. They’ll get hungry and often sitters won’t eat if they don’t get the time. You want the person caring for your most precious person to be comfortable too!

A compiled list of pertinent information

Before you ever leave the house, ensure that you have all emergency information in a visible and accessible location. This should include your phone numbers, other immediate family’s contact information, the baby’s pediatrician, their nurse line, the local ER, poison control, local taxi lines or Uber. Also include your address, any allergies, any known history of major illnesses, as well as likes and dislikes. You should review this list with the sitter and make sure that they know where it is and can read everything. Answer any questions they have and text them before you leave the house so that each of you can save your numbers for speed dial.

BabyCenter First Year Emergency Guide

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