Registering for your Baby Shower

So you’re a brand-new mama-to-be, dipping your toes in the water of registering for your baby shower. The options are endless… and maybe a little overwhelming?

Whether you love wading through a sea of reviews and curating the best gifts possible, or you’re more on the side of wishing you could push a button that would create your registry for you, here are some tips to make registering for your baby shower as fun and painless as possible. (If only we could say the same about labor!) Keep reading till the end for 10 unique shower gift ideas you might have overlooked.

Narrow down your categories

Decide on the number and type of registries you want for your shower gifts. Do you want to register at multiple stores and add everything to a universal registry? Would you rather keep it simple and put everything on Amazon?

If you’re registering at more than one or two stores, adding them to a universal registry can make it much easier to share with your friends and family. If you’re registering mostly online, make sure you still give a local store option for people who prefer to shop in person.

Each type of registry offers specific benefits and perks. Some offer a thank you manager to keep track of who bought what. Many, like Walmart and Target, offer a price match guarantee. And keep an eye on shipping costs, too; those vary widely from store to store. 

Check return policies

If you enjoy reading reviews of all the products you’re registering for, you’re probably fairly confident in your choices for the best gifts. Still, you never know if something will work out like you thought it would. It’s important to give yourself the option of returning items after your baby shower, and you’ll want it to be as easy as possible so you don’t end up stuck with things you won’t use.

Return policies can be anywhere in the range of 30 days (Sears) to 1 year (Babies “R” Us, Target), so keep that in mind when registering.

Register in person

It can be tempting to curl up at home with a mug of something warm and do all your registering from an app, but be sure to visit the store in person at least once or twice. It really makes a difference seeing the products in person, and you might run across items you wouldn’t have thought to add.

Add a variety

Include both inexpensive and pricier items on your baby shower list! You’ll have gift-givers with a lot of different budgets, so go ahead and add that $6 diaper cream along with those luxurious swaddle blankets and high-end video monitor… or whatever best gifts you’re going for. 

Some people love picking out baby clothes and supplies for shower gifts, but others would rather just get what they know you want, so including a layette, diapers, etc. can make it convenient for your loved ones.

Think ahead

It might seem like your little one will be an infant forever, but those months pass swiftly and before you know it you’ll have an older baby and then a toddler on your hands. If you need more ideas for your registry, don’t be afraid to add shower gifts like a high chair, eating utensils, toys, etc. It will be nice to have those things on hand when your baby is ready for them.

Don’t forget yourself

Consider adding some mom-friendly gifts and services to your baby shower registry—like a subscription box or meal delivery service. Using a universal registry like Amazon makes this especially convenient, and you’ll definitely thank yourself when you have a newborn and you’re too tired to see straight!

10 baby shower gift ideas you might have overlooked

  1. The BlueSmart mia smart bottle feeding system
  2. Cool-mist humidifier (Amazon)
  3. Crib rail cover (Amazon)
  4. White noise machine (like this Pottery Barn Sleep Sheep)
  5. Monthly milestone stickers (Babies “R” Us)
  6. Walk-through gate (Amazon)
  7. A stylish diaper bag that can double as a purse (like these beauties from Newlie)
  8. A baby carrier specifically made for newborns (Nesting Days)
  9. A baby food cookbook (Anthropologie)
  10. Electric nail trimmer for those delicate little fingers and toes (Nordstrom)

What are some of your best gift ideas for baby showers?
Share in the comments below.

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