Positive Parenting (3/3)

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What is your most positive memory as a parent so far?

  • My first look at my daughter, after delivery!
  • That I care so much about my babies and that I want the to be happy and save all the time
  • The birth of my child
  • Being able to see my baby pass milestones
  • Knowing that my son loves me unconditionally
  • Meal times with the family
  • I think just seeing the excitement in my little boy's eyes when he learns a new skill.
  • Meeting my child for the first time.

    What parenting experience has made you the proudest?

    •  Seeing my baby advance quickly
    • Just giving birth to such an amazing gift of life!
    • Her wedding day!
    • That I have changed so many things for my babies
    • I think watching my boy walk for the first time and seeing the excitement on his face. It made me feel good that we practiced and played and he was so excited once he could do it on his own.
    • Seeing my child learn to smile!

      Do you have any positive advice for new moms and dads?

      • Be patient
      • You may not think you are doing everything "right" , but as long as you are giving your time and love to your child, you are doing it perfect!
      • When you feel like it's getting crazy try to find some time to have "me time". Even if it just means a trip to the bathroom or to the store while someone watches your little one.
      • Tell people exactly what you need (what food to bring by, how long to stay, how to help, etc...) because lots of people want to support you but don't know how to.
      • You will get the hang of it! Hang in there!
      • Always be consistent, show love everyday!
      • That is not gonna be easy, but all the things that you do for you babies is gonna be worth it
      • Take it all in! It goes so fast!

          If you were to become a new parent again, what would you make sure to do again? 

          • Make a great hospital experience for myself and my kids
          • Definitely have a BlueSmart mia2! 
          • To put more attention in the little things that you don't see
          • Do some research on sleep habits and breastfeeding (if applicable) BEFORE the baby arrives!
          • Enjoy every single moment, big or small!

            What support did your receive that you appreciated most?

            • Everything from my significant other. I couldn’t have done it without him!
            • Meals, help with dishes/laundry, and people to hold the baby or hang out with her so I could get things done!
            • Our parents both let us sleep at their house a night or nap for a while in the first month. That was priceless. We were still with our new baby but were able to rest knowing he was being cared for.
            • My spouse is always there for me
            • Support from my church family!
            • I got a lot of help from my mother in law

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