How to Warm a Baby Bottle

If you are new to bottle feeding your baby then you know how many daunting steps there are to making sure that baby’s bottle is safe to drink. One of the steps is warming the bottle. But it doesn’t have to be so hard! Here we’ll go over a few easy ways to warm your baby’s bottle to help your life run a little easier.

Having your baby on a schedule, like we talked about in previous articles about creating a schedule and the importance of schedules, will help you know when it is time for your baby to eat. If you know that a new bottle is needed then you can start to heat it before baby even gets agitated. There are few worse things than trying to calm your baby down while their bottle warms up. This will help eliminate that problem! The BlueSmart app can also alert you when a new bottle needs to be made ready.

Also, remember that a baby’s bottle doesn’t need to be warmed to be safe to drink. As adults, many of us prefer our comforting drinks like coffee and tea to be warmed which causes us to assume that our baby does as well. But many babies will drink a bottle just fine without warming. So in those times where you just don’t have a few minutes to warm a bottle, just try feeding your baby a room temperature bottle. You may find that they likes it that way!

Simple Ways to Warm a Bottle

Bottle Warmer

A bottle warmer can really be a life changer in your home. I have the Cuisinart Baby which is a great multi tool for infancy. It warms bottles, food pouches and jars and also makes baby food purees. If you look for something like this you’ll have fewer bulky baby appliances but still have the conveniences that they offer. You can easily add this to your Buy Buy Baby registry, Target registry or Amazon registry!


Each bottle warmer is different but usually they require a little water to create steam and then with the push of a button you’ll have a warm bottle in a matter of minutes. Just make sure that the one you invest in fits your bottles.

If you’re formula feeding you may also want to invest in a bottle maker. There are many on the market. I have a Baby Brezza that my husband and I are completely obsessed with. It dispenses, mixes and warms bottles all in one machine. It really made middle of the night bottle feeds a breeze!

Warm Water

One of the simplest (albeit, more time consuming) ways to warm a bottle is in a bowl of warm water. I usually use my Pyrex measuring cup that I fill about half way with warm water from the tap. Then I simply place the bottle in the water and allow it to sit for a maximum of 15 minutes to warm up.

To test whether the milk is warm enough tap a few drops from the bottle onto your inner wrist. The skin there is thinner and more sensitive than other parts of your hand. If the formula is body temperature, as it should be, then you will not feel warmth on your wrist. A little colder that body temp is also acceptable. The BlueSmart mia also has a handy indicator to tell you if baby’s bottle is too hot.

Skip the Microwave

It’s tempting. Oh, so tempting, to use that microwave to warm your baby’s bottle. But please don’t do it! Microwaving your baby’s bottle can create pockets of heat within the bottle that can scald your baby’s mouth and throat. Then you’ve got worse things to worry about than a frustrated baby waiting for a warm bottle. Microwaving also causes milk to continue to warm after being taken out of the microwave. It also depletes the nutrients in formula and breastmilk.

On the same note, don’t heat a bottle on the stove. Especially if using plastic bottles. The bottle can easily melt in the pan. If you prefer stove-heated water, just heat the water and then pour it into a bowl or cup. Then you can put the bottle in the water.



Hopefully these few easy ways to warm your baby’s bottle makes bottle making just a little easier for you! And remember, if you’re in a pinch, your baby doesn’t always need a warm bottle.

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