Feeding On-The-Go: What Every Mom Needs To Know

Whether you’re traveling for vacation or to visit family, running errands, or are going on playdates, you need to plan for feeding on-the-go with your baby. Anytime you leave the house with a newborn, you worry about having everything you need. With these tips, you’ll be prepared to feed your little one without worry. 

Equip Yourself With The Essentials

For feeding on-the-go, you’ll need a lunch box or cooler that fits the size you need. Try to keep two on hand, one that carries 1-3 bottles, and another that can carry up to 6. A smaller bag works well if you’re going out for the day. A bigger bag is best for vacations. Having two designated bags ensures you don’t lug around a big bag all day or find yourself falling short on space.

You’ll also need quality ice packs to fill your cooler. You don’t want something that is going to leak or become worn out too quickly. The last thing you need is to find out when it’s too late that an ice pack needs to be replaced!

Keep these items cleaned and ready so you’ll be prepared on quick notice. This will make the prepping process much easier.

Portioning Out Formula or Breastmilk

If your baby is using a ready-to-feed formula or breastmilk, it’s a good idea to portion out your bottles. You could take a bottle of formula or a few storage bags along with empty bottles and fill as you go, but portioning everything out beforehand eliminates the risk of making a mess and possibly spilling. You definitely don’t want to waste formula or breastmilk!

With powder formula, pre-making bottles is not always an option, as some brands don’t recommend making a bottle in advance for longer than 2-3 hours. In this case, you can portion out the amount of formula you need in small containers and bring along water to make the bottles on-the-go. The benefit here is that, if you use room-temperature water, you eliminate the need to carry along a cooler.

BlueSmart mia | Smart Bottle Sleeve

Invest In A Travel Bottle Warmer

If you travel often or are always on-the-go and find yourself often needing to feed your newborn away from home, it is a good idea to invest in a travel bottle warmer. You want to ensure the bottle is at the optimal temperature for your baby. Instead of lugging around a bottle warmer that requires water or takes up space, a travel warmer makes that much easier.

BlueSmart mia is an excellent product to have on hand as well while traveling. Although BlueSmart mia is not a bottle warmer, one of its features is to verify that the bottle is at the right temperature for your little one. Simply affix mia to the bottle and it will tell you if the temperature is too hot or too cold for baby.

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