Bottle Feeding While Traveling

My family and I have the privilege of living abroad in Europe. We’ve lived abroad for a little over a year and a half and have had many opportunities to travel around Europe. We have two kids, two and under, so we’ve definitely honed our bottle feeding skills while traveling! Here are some of the tips I can give for bottle feeding during your own family travels.

Use a formula dispenser

Formula dispensers, like this one, make traveling with formula so much easier! Before you leave for your trip, fill each section of the container with the amount of formula you use in bottles. Then simply pour into a bottle while you’re out and about and you’re good to go!

Pack extra formula 

When packing for your trip bring at least two days of extra formula along with you. You never know if your travel plans will be held up at some point. Always better to be prepared! I suggest packing your extra formula in double bagged ziplock bags. That way your bag won’t be filled with bulky formula containers. Try to carry on your formula and bottles. If you can’t fit enough in your bag pack at least two days worth in your carry on. 

Use a thermos

If your baby prefers warm formula, you can warm water before traveling and then pour it into a thermos. If baby is ok with room temperature formula, fill a reusable water bottle with room temp water. If you’re flying with baby you are allowed to bring a reasonable amount of liquid for nourishing baby. Check here for full TSA guidelines. 

Use a bottle cooler

If you prefer packing pre-mixed or ready-to-use formula or pumped breastmilk, pack the bottles in a bottle cooler like this one

Wait to feed if flying

If you’re flying and you’re able to swing it, wait to feed until the plane takes off. Drinking from the bottle tends to help relieve the pressure of take off. Same goes for landing. If you can plan the next feeding for landing or save a small amount of the bottle, it will help your baby’s ears.

Use the BlueSmart mia

The BlueSmart mia battery lasts for about a day, so you can still use your BlueSmart mia to track feedings while traveling. It is also a great help for making sure the bottle temperature is optimal for feeding. Sometimes while traveling we have to find hot water to warm bottles at restaurants and restroom sinks. Use your BlueSmart mia to be sure the formula is at a safe temperature.

BlueSmart mia | Smart Bottle Sleeve

How much equipment to bring

It’s very easy to overdo it when packing for baby. But it’s also easy to run out of space in your bags! I suggest bringing enough bottles for one day. Maybe less if you think you can wash bottles during the day. Also bring a bottle brush and a travel size bottle washing soap.

With all of the travel we do we prefer to stay in suites with a kitchen or Airbnbs. It usually allows us to have a separate space for the kids to sleep and we often have a kitchen sink and microwave. I suggest staying where you have access to a microwave. If you do, you can use bottle sterilizing bags in the microwave to sterilize your bottles while traveling.

All of these tips should help you during your travel days as you explore with your little one! Let the adventures begin!

Do you have any bottle feeding while traveling tips? We’d love to hear from you!

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