Birthday Gifts for a New Mom

Are you looking for the perfect gift to give a new mom for her birthday? Something that gives her a much-needed moment of rest and pampering, or maybe a way to make her life more streamlined and productive?

A new mom has already filled her baby registry with accessories for her little one, but there are other things she may not have asked for—gifts that will bring joy to her new season life. Here are some of our favorite ideas for new mom birthday gifts:

BareMinerals Well Rested face and eye brightener: If you’ve ever had a newborn, you know that sleep for new parents is in short supply, and dark circles can be a mom’s best friend (or is it enemy?). This aptly-named product perks up a tired face by concealing shadows and brightening the under eye area; it can be used on other areas of the face as a subtle highlighter.

Pacifica Dream State Aromapower perfume oil: This little touch of indulgence is from an all-natural perfume and skincare line. It’s one of a selection of perfume oils that offer subtle scents and comforting aromatherapy, and since they’re mild, non-synthetic fragrances, a new mom can use them with confidence. 

Starbucks gift card: What’s not to love about hitting the Starbucks drive-thru, minus the personal expense? Basic? Maybe, but a quintessential new mom gift? Yes! We guarantee your mama friend will be thinking of you fondly every time she sips her favorite latte after pulling all-nighter with her little bundle of joy. 

BlueSmart mia: Keeping track of bottles and diaper changes can feel like a full-time job when you’re starting out, so this feeding tracker that syncs to an app is truly life-changing. Since the tracker can be used by any caregiver, it gives a new mom peace of mind; she can check the app anytime to see how feedings are going. BlueSmart mia also eliminates the guesswork of tracking feeding and output patterns, and it even gives real-time temperature and angle alerts for each session.

A mom-friendly subscription box: Even though we’re all inundated with texts and pings, there’s nothing quite like getting happy mail delivered to your doorstep. We recommend a service like 21 Bundles or Daisy Bee for a monthly delivery of mama-friendly products.

Professional house cleaning gift certificate: This may be too much of a luxury for a new baby budget, so gifting the services of a company like Tidy or Molly Maid might be right up your new mom friend’s alley.

A meal delivery service: Another way to lift some weight from a new mom’s mind is to give her the gift of healthy meal plans with ingredients delivered to her doorstep. That way she’s not resorting to takeout or rifling through the pantry at 5 pm trying to come up with a dinner idea. Hello Fresh and Blue Apron are popular options. Purple Carrot is a plant-based service, and Sun Basket has sustainable packaging, and all of their meat is ethically sourced. 

Yeti Rambler insulated tumbler: There’s a reason these travel mugs are wildly popular; they keep drinks either hot or cold for hours. A travel mug is a fitting option for a mom who’s juggling a baby in one arm and trying to grab a sip of coffee with the other, or for staying hydrated when she’s up throughout the night.

The Happy Planner box kit: A planner can be used as a creative outlet, a functional productivity tool, or both. This all-inclusive starter set comes with stickers and accessories, and can be used for schedules, lists, journaling, memory-keeping, and even scrapbooking. 

Silicone teething necklace: These delicate yet durable accessories double as a pretty addition to a mom’s outfit, and a teething toy for baby. There are many attractive options available; Goobie Baby Naomi and ItyBity Teething Beads are two of our favorites.

Q&A a Day for Moms: A 5-Year Journal: Convenient micro-journaling is an excellent recourse for tired new moms. This guided journal offers a quick way to capture memories from the early years. The on-trend floral design makes it aesthetically pleasing (meaning it’s to be well-used!).

Compact changing pad: These adorable handmade diaper pads are a superb choice for throwing into a purse or diaper bag on the go. Having a few of them to rotate out would be even better. They’re washable, waterproof, and come in several cute patterns.

Bath bombs: These are an indulgent addition to a mom’s mini getaway, and something she might not purchase for herself. This version prettifies your bathroom decor, too! 

Memory foam neck pillow: Holding a baby throughout the day and night can do a number on a mom’s neck and shoulder muscles. This pillow and similar options offer support and comfort, especially if a mom is sitting up in bed to feed baby.

We hope these ideas help you find the perfect mom gift for the new mom in your life. Happy shopping!

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