Best Indoor Activities While on Maternity Leave

Maternity leave before and after baby’s birth is an amazing opportunity to focus on yourself and your family! If weather has you stuck inside there are plenty of activities you can partake in to make your maternity leave amazing.

Activities Before Baby

Spa Day

Take a day (or even a weekend) just to focus on self-care. Make a reservation at a nearby spa. Grab a great book at the library or bookstore. Then head to your spa for a day of relaxation. Many spas have specialty prenatal massages with beds specifically designed to accommodate bellies so mama can lay face-down. Get your nails done - because you know you can’t reach those toes anymore and you want them done for baby’s big arrival! Dip your toes in a whirlpool and dive into your new book. Take this time to unwind and de-stress before baby comes. Time like this won’t come around often soon, so take advantage of it.

Date with your spouse

Take as many chances as possible to take your spouse out on a date before baby arrives! Your spouse will appreciate the attention and you both will get much needed time together before the big arrival. There are many possibilities for indoor dates even late into your pregnancy.

  • Dinner and a movie: Pick a favorite restaurant and make a special reservation. Make sure you get movie seats close to the aisle. You’re bound to get up often for the restroom during the movie.
  • Indoor mini-golf or golf range: Make reservations to bring out your inner-kid. Make it a competition! Laughter is so important in these last few difficult weeks!
  • Visit an indoor pool: Find a local community center that offers an indoor pool. You will love what the water does for your body! You will feel weightless for the first time in months. Bring your spouse along to swim and relax in the pool with you. 

Activities After Baby

Your sweet baby has officially arrived and you are getting all the snuggles! You’ll no doubt want to take time to relax. Having a baby is very hard on your body! But when you’re feeling up to it, take the chance to get out of the house and start exploring with baby. Here are a few suggestions for indoor activities with baby:

Baby Day at the Movies

Many movie theaters now have special show times for parents to bring their babies. A theater near my hometown offers baby day movies every Tuesday. The lights are turned up enough to do everything you need with baby during the movie and the sound is turned down for baby’s sensitive hearing. They even offer a full food and beverage menu that is served right at your seat! I always felt very pampered visiting this theater with my baby.

Visit the Mall

The mall is a great place to get a little exercise and take care of errands all at the same time. You can wear your baby for a little extra workout or put them in the stroller. Whatever you’re most comfortable with. Many malls offer special feeding rooms for families with infants. Check your mall’s website or ask at the information desk so you know where to go when baby gets fussy.

Check your Library

Many local libraries have programs specifically for infants and their caregivers. These can range from story time to music class. This can be a great opportunity to build community with other new parents. If you’re looking to connect with parents in the same stage as you try carrying contact cards to easily hand out. It’s not always convenient to try to exchange contact info when baby wants your attention. 

Baby Swim Lessons

Many swim schools have classes for young infants. A swim school near me offers free infant classes for 2 to 6 month olds. Not only is swimming with you and other babies and parents great for your baby’s development but it also gives you an opportunity to get moving again. A win-win! 

There are so many options for indoor activities before and after baby during your maternity leave. And if these aren't your speed and you need a break, you can always do a date night out here and there. Do you have a favorite activity that you’d like to share? We’d love to hear from you!

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