Best Date Night Out for New Parents

You’ve waited the entire 6-12 weeks and you are so ready. More ready than you thought you’d be. You can see a date night on the horizon. Some time for just you and your partner to spend some intimate moments together and reconnect. But now, after having a baby, date night looks a little different. You’ve changed as a couple and as a family, and with that change, you are looking to have a unique experience together. Looking for new ideas. We’ve come up with some awesome date nights for new parents!

Visit a museum

Museums are a fantastic way to spend an afternoon or evening with your partner. Not only do you guys get to move around and stroll a little, museums spark thoughtful conversation. Believe it or not, you might learn something new about one another! Spirited discussions often fuel romance and museums are the place to facilitate that closeness

Attend an Arts/Crafts fest

For the creative couple, vendor shows where people proudly display their works and toils can be amazing. Between acting as inspiration and outlet, you’ll enjoy your shared love of all things handmade and stitched from the heart. Maybe you two go from the fest to creating something together, which is a fantastic way to strengthen your relationship!

Stroll through a botanical garden

The pure beauty of botanical gardens engenders feelings of tenderness and awe. One might say they are an aphrodisiac. We’ll say that they are an awesome date night idea because they are a relaxing, no-pressure environment where you and your partner can converse uninterrupted. You can easily leave if the babysitter calls too!

Listen to the symphony

Rather than the typical movie theater, try attending a symphony. You get to enjoy remaining seated (something that is almost impossible with little ones!) while taking in the beautiful sounds filling the auditorium. An added bonus? Dressing up and looking sophisticated is a welcome treat after spending most days covered in your precious baby’s spit-up.

Go out for tapas

Lastly, getting to eat a good meal together is tough once you become a parent. Spoiler alert-it doesn’t ease up…ever! Going out for tapas is fast, easy, and delicious. Most tapas places are also lively with local musicians and exuberant conversation which is a much-needed reprieve from the unfortunate isolation that is being a mom and dad.

Finding unique date nights out isn’t really that hard once you get to thinking about what you and your partner would or do enjoy. All you have to do is get out the dinner and movie box!

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