Best Baby Shower Gifts

You just know your pregnant best friend or your co-worker will love the gifts you have in mind for their baby shower, but have you considered that maybe they won’t? While it’s true that it’s the thought that counts, expectant parents do need so many things and they often won’t tell you if a gift isn’t useful for fear of hurt feelings. On top of that, there are gifts that every parent will love that aren’t widely publicized and then there are gifts that are very specific to the family’s goals and needs. That’s why we’ve put together a list that can’t fail. Ahead you’ll find gift ideas that are always a win.

  1. Diapers and wipes

This may seem like a no-brainer, but babies go through diapers lightning fast. Whether the parents are cloth diapering, using disposables or a combination of both, purchasing them diapers will not be met without thanks! It’s not only the expense, but the time they’ll save that will make life better for them! Ask the parents about their diapering plans, and make sure that you include a box or a set of new cloth diapers in their gift.

  1. Clothes larger than 6 months

Everybody wants to get the new human an outfit. We simply can’t walk past the baby aisle and not get that onesie with the adorable clouds on the knees! I mean, it’s cuteness overload, right? Right, but…get that tiny outfit in a size that the new parents and everyone else hasn’t got so that when baby grows, they are already prepared. 6, 9, and even 12 month outfits are just as cute and will definitely set the new family up before even they think about it.

  1. Postpartum doula

This gift is less tangible and for many, it is really difficult to see the value; however, it is a priceless gift for a brand-new family or an expanding-again family. Find the local postpartum doulas in your area and see if they sell gift certificates as part of their packages. Having support and non-judgmental help in your home is a critical component to healing and happiness.

  1. Gift cards

These are always a win! The parents can choose what they want or need without feeling weird and guilty. They’re especially great when parents may have not planned to like or use something as much as they find themselves doing. Now they can go and stock up on those receiving blankets, pacifiers, etc. Gift cards to Uber Eats, their favorite takeout, and to Amazon are also great choices every time!

BlueSmart mia | Smart Bottle Tracker

  1. BlueSmart mia

Gift-giving is about celebrating a new baby, but it is also about making life as uncomplicated as possible for your expectant friends and family. The BlueSmart mia removes stress and anxiety during mealtime! You’re not just giving them a cool gadget, you are essentially giving them peace and simplicity. You are gifting them more enjoyable feeding experiences, and that will be treasured for years to come. It also just happens to be the gift they haven’t yet thought of, but won’t quit raving about once they use it!

For your next baby shower, think a little more progressively, and consider the above. Any parent will love them!

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