15 Best Blogs on Baby

Blogs can be an excellent resource for education, tips, tricks, and resources, all of which are so valuable when you’re a new parent. When I had my first baby, part of how I found my way was through reading about motherhood through other mom’s eyes—learning from them, and feeling like I could relate to them. Reading blogs written by experts is also extremely helpful when you need to problem-solve a specific area of baby care, like feeding or sleep.

Here are 15 of our favorite blogs about babies, the first year of parenthood, and all that comes with it. 

  1. BabyCenter Blog

One of the most popular baby blogs is hosted at the well-known parenting site BabyCenter. Written by several contributors, this blog covers topics related to various age ranges, but there’s a lot of content specific to pregnancy and infancy. 

  1. Baby Chick

This blog bills itself as “a resource for the modern mom.” You’ll find tips on health, style, postpartum recovery, and more written by “The Baby Chick,” blogger Nina Spears. 

  1. Baby FoodE

Whether you’re preparing to start offering solids to your baby, or you’re transitioning into finger foods and trying to please a picky toddler, you’ll enjoy the recipes and recommendations on this blog, like Carrot, Corn, and Pumpkin Baby Food Puree, Blender Muffins for Baby and Toddler, and Peach + Raspberry Oatmeal for Baby.

  1. Baby Steps: A Child Development Blog | Everyday Family

Baby Steps is written in a similar style to the BabyCenter Blog, with contributions from various writers on topics ranging from sleep issues to recovering from a traumatic birth to most-loved nursery items. 

  1. BlueSmart Blog

We definitely want to mention the articles we feature right here on the BlueSmart mia blog! We think you’ll enjoy our educational parenting posts about baby feeding, bottle feeding, and supporting the working mom. And we also have personalized parenting information specific to your baby in our Baby Tracker app! The app is also a baby journal that can be automated with BlueSmart mia!

  1. Disney Baby Blog

Disney offers lots of early parenting tips and advice on their baby blog, including posts I immediately wanted to read, like Best Ways to Get Yourself Out of the “Mom Funk” and 8 Things to Remember on Those Really Hard Parenting Days.

  1. The Fussy Baby Site Blog

The Fussy Baby Site is a resource for parents of colicky or high-needs infants and children. The blog contains helpful posts on sleep training, parenting styles, evening fussiness, relevant products, and more. 

  1. Grey Likes Baby

Grey Likes Baby is a design blog that focuses on maternity, nursery, and baby style for both moms and dads. It’s written by stylist and mom Summer Watkins, and includes handmade and vintage pieces as well as modern looks for the “well-styled family.”

  1. Happiest Baby Blog

These posts are written by D. Harvey Karp, author of The Happiest Baby on the Block, and are a great, realistic source for answers about sleep regressions, night wakings, bedtime routines, and nap problems, all with the goal of achieving a happy baby (and parent!). 

  1. Have Baby Will Travel

If you plan to travel with your infant or toddler, you’ll appreciate this blog, written by Corinne McDermott and packed full of tips for parents of babies and young children to make traveling as stress-free as possible.

  1. Lay Baby Lay

Lay Baby Lay is another beautifully styled baby design blog for nursery decor, events, and all things kid-related. It’s written by Joni Lay, a mom of two who’s been blogging at the site since 2011. She offers a curated collection of her favorite picks—perfect if you’re working on your baby registry.

  1. Mighty Moms

The Incredible Infants section of this blog tackles sleep and feeding tips, along with health and safety and baby fashion. Recent posts include For the Sake of Your Sleep: Why Your Baby Needs a Lovey and How to Keep Your Baby Formula Costs from Skyrocketing.

  1. Project Nursery Blog

The blog at the Project Nursery shop is a good place to find gift guides, DIYs, product reviews, and party ideas.

  1. Rookie Moms

The tagline of this popular blog will probably make you smile with recognition of this feeling: “The baby’s here. Now what?” It’s written by two best friends who had their first babies around the same time, and it “attempts to answer the question of what to do with a new baby (and what to do with your SELF) every day.” It has a lot of refreshing insights about how to get into the groove of new motherhood.

  1. Three Little Birds

This pretty little blog is written by Jolanta, mom of three under age two (gasps all around). If you read any of her posts, you’ll probably encouraged to think, Hey, if she can do it, I can do it! My favorite post is about being a lazy mom—i.e. being laidback and relaxed so you can survive the crazy!

We think you’ll enjoy these blogs, and we hope you’ll find lots of inspiration and encouragement along the way as you take your first steps in your journey of parenthood. Don’t forget to come back to our blog here at BlueSmart mia for new posts about baby feeding, bottle feeding, and work after baby.

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