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What to bring a mom in the hospital

What to bring a mom in the hospital

Becoming a new mom is one of the most joyous, tiring and anxious times in a woman’s life. The first few days in the hospital are a whirlwind. If you have a friend who will soon be delivering a baby, you can bet that she would love a gift delivery in the hospital! And you’ll most likely get to hold a sweet baby in your arms while you’re pampering the new mom.

If you plan to visit your friend in the hospital after birth, know that there are some polite rules you should follow:

She may not want company: Birth is a difficult ordeal. You may find that your new mom friend would really prefer to sleep and stare at her new babe. That’s ok! If she’s too tired to text, correspond with her spouse or partner to come up with a time to drop off your gift. Your friend will appreciate your thoughtfulness!

Keep visits short: If your mom friend is cool with a visit to her room, make the visit short. Set a timer if you need to. 20-30 minutes is a good guideline for visiting a new mom. She’s likely tired, needs to feed baby and may need to visit the restroom with help from her nurse. Kindly excuse yourself after a short amount of time and thank her for letting you visit.

She may not want her baby held: When you enter, use the hand sanitizer provided in the room so that mom can see you’re concerned about her and the baby’s health. Even with this effort, she still may not want her baby held. That’s ok too! Bonding with baby is crucial in the first hours and she may want all the time she can get. Be ok with politely adoring baby from a distance. 

Now that you know how to courteously visit your new mom friend in the hospital, how about putting together a little gift to bring her? Here are some great ideas to make her feel more comfortable in her few days in the hospital and when she gets home with baby. 

BlueSmart mia: Being a new mom is sometimes very nerve-racking! Everything is new and foreign and the learning curve can make some moms anxious. Feeding can be particularly anxiety-inducing. There are so many things to know and keep track of. The fantastic new product, BlueSmart mia, can help to relieve some of those anxieties for the new mom. The BlueSmart mia attaches to any size baby bottle and does some awesome stuff. It can help parents learn to angle the bottle effectively, track ounces via an innovative App, ensures optimal breastmilk or formula temperature and has a timer for multiple helpful uses. It’s the ultimate gift for the new mom!

Gift card for newborn keepsake gift: There are some awesome newborn keepsake gifts on Etsy! Caring for a newborn can be busy and expensive, so taking care of this expense for mom will be a load off her shoulders. Give her the gift of a treasured keepsake of her time with baby in the hospital. One great idea is a stuffed animal made from her newborn’s hospital swaddle blanket. She can even have it embroidered with baby’s name and birthdate. Such a sweet gift!

Spa kit: Help mom make her hospital room as comfortable as possible! Create a spa kit just for pampering mom: 

  • Organic baby-safe lip balm
  • Organic baby-safe ultra-moisturizing lotion
  • Dry shampoo
  • Soft, cozy slippers
  • Ear plugs
  • Eye mask
  • Magazines/book

Meal: Correspond with the new mom’s spouse or partner to find out her favorite homemade or restaurant meal. Deliver it hot and fresh to mom’s bedside! She’ll love you for saving her from another hospital meal. You can also choose to give her a gift card instead. Consider bringing the new parents a bottle of champagne or sparkling cider, too, to celebrate their new arrival!

iTunes gift card: Those few days in the hospital can really drone on. Help mom enjoy some entertainment by giving her an iTunes gift card. She can buy a movie, a T.V. show series, music or an audiobook to help her pass the time.

Whatever you choose, you can bet your mom friend will appreciate your thoughtfulness and care!

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