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The Best Part of Bottle Feeding with BlueSmart mia

The Best Part of Bottle Feeding with BlueSmart mia

We love bottle feeding over here at BlueSmart mia! Whether you’re using pumped breast milk or infant formula, there are so many reasons that bottle feeding is an awesome option for parents.


Medical Necessity


Unfortunately, some moms are simply unable to breastfeed due to medical reasons. A mom may require a consistent medication that is counteractive to breastfeeding. Or she may have an illness or disease or had a surgery that makes breastfeeding impossible. For these moms, we love that bottle feeding is possible. Before bottles and formula were around, these moms would have depended solely on a wet nurse to provide nutrition for their baby. Today a mom with special medical needs can feed and bond with her baby with ease because of bottle feeding. We love that!


Scheduling and Convenience


If we’re being honest, bottle feeding can be a whole lot more convenient than breast feeding. Bottle feeding is particularly convenient if mom is working outside of the home. She may choose to pump throughout the day and save the breast milk for the child’s caregiver to use the next day. Or she may opt for formula. Either way, mom has the ease of mind that her child is being cared for and fed while she is away. BlueSmart mia is a great tool in this area. When using the BlueSmart mia App, mom can see when and how much her baby is being fed during the day while she is at work.


Bottle feeding also allows parents to form a more consistent schedule for their child’s feedings. Breastfed babies often feed every hour and a half to two hours but a bottle fed baby can go many more hours between bottles. This can help babies get on a sleep schedule faster and helps mom be able to get more things done between feedings.


Family Bonding


Breast feeding is a great way to bond with baby but it can often leave dad and other family members feeling left out. Bottle feeding allows other family members the opportunity to feed and bond with baby. Older siblings may want to try feeding their new baby sibling and bottle feeding allows them the chance to do that. Feeding time and the eye contact that one makes with baby during this time is so crucial for bonding. We love that others can partake in this through bottle feeding! If mom is feeling a little weary of passing off her baby for others to feed she can take advantage of the great tools that BlueSmart mia offers. Mia can give a feeding reminder so that family members never miss a feeding. It can also help the family member to know that the feeding angle is correct and that the baby is being fed at an adequate pace. Mom can check her App to know how much baby was fed in each feeding.


Milk Allergies

Bottle feeding isn’t just a great option for mom but it can be crucial for babies who have milk allergies. Unfortunately, some moms find that their babies just can’t be fed with breast milk because their bodies aren’t processing it correctly. Allergen free infant formulas and bottles give parents the peace of mind that their baby is being fed, receiving nutrition and not in pain because of their feedings.


We love that bottle feeding can provide so much freedom for parents. Whether used in conjunction with breast feeding, or solely using pumped milk or infant formula, bottle feeding has many benefits. How has bottle feeding impacted you and your family? Let us know in the comments!


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