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Feeding Your Little Turkey: Solids for Your Baby on Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is one of the best holidays. Friends, family, football and of course, tons of food! But why should adults get to have all the yummy goodness this Thanksgiving? As long as your baby is eating solids already, there are plenty of options to feed your baby during your Thanksgiving feast.   Just as you plan out the Thanksgiving feast for adults you should also plan ahead on what to make for your little one. Think about your favorite meals and simplify them for your baby. Below are some ideas based on traditional Thanksgiving dishes that you can modify for a baby. Remember to keep it simple for younger babies and add a little more flair for older babies who...

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Discovering a World of Possibilities: Starting Your Baby on Solids

The best time to start solid foods is between four to six months. During this period most children have met the following guidelines indicating readiness to try solids: Baby can hold their head up and sit in an upright position. Baby should have approximately doubled his birth weight and weigh at least 13 pounds (5.8 kg) They show an interest in food. May try to take your own food from your hand or open her mouth toward food. They shows no sign of the thrust reflex that pushes food from his mouth. They are hungry even after getting a normal, daily amount of formula or breastmilk. (Approximately 32 oz of formula or 10 breastfeeding sessions).

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