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Bottle Feeding Supplies for Parents

Bottle Feeding Supplies for Parents

Bottle feeding a baby is an awesome way to nourish your little one, and it’s full of options. Maybe even too many options! Well, you can never have too many options when it comes to feeding your baby. However, all the choices can be overwhelming. What do you need? What makes bottle feeding easier? What are your must-have supplies? Looking online, shopping in-store, and hearing all of your friends give you their recommendations might have your head spinning. We can solve that! The following supplies are our top recommendations.

  • BlueSmart mia

Of course our first endorsement is going to be the fabulous BlueSmart mia. It’s a perfect piece of tech for today’s bottle-feeding parents. We love it because it makes feeding your baby a bonding experience that is intuitive and easy. It’s not just a gadget-it’s a necessary part of your parenting journey. We think it’s akin to a third arm, and what parent doesn’t suddenly think that a third arm would come in handy?

  • Bottle cleaner/sterilizer

The dreaded task. Cleaning bottles is nobody’s idea of a walk in the park…unless you despise walks in the park.  The crevices and the shape of bottles pose quite the challenge. In addition, the fact that this container literally sustains your child and has the potential to cause illness if not cleaned properly elicits a strong emotional response. Your heart and your brain need reassurance that your bottles are one-hundred percent clean, at all times.  A great sanitizer is non-negotiable. We like the Chicco Natural Fit 3 in 1 Modular Sterilizer for its microwave capability and because it can clean up to six bottles at a time.

  • Bottle storage system

Bottles are just not easy to store. Placing them top down in the cabinet is asking to be rapidly thumped on the head as soon as you reach for one! Not to mention, it’s cumbersome for everyone involved to have to assemble the bottles once they’re clean, put them away, and then repeat the process when it’s time to eat. It is much easier to have a system so that you can keep parts separated but close so you only have to assemble when it’s time to eat. A great storage system has a part for the nipples, the necks, and the bottles. Something that fits in your cabinets, like the Madesmart 2-Tier Organizer with Dividers, makes your life easier and keeps your house in tip-top shape.

  • Bottle warmer

Keeping in the theme of ease of use, bottle warmers top our list as well. They warm the formula or breastmilk to a perfect temperature and require very little effort. All you have to do is put the bottle in the carriage, press go, and voila, milk is warmed. Bottle warmers are incredibly affordable and easily available at most retailers.

  • Formula maker

Lastly, and as a bonus, formula mixers/makers are definitely a luxury. You do not need one of these, but boy do they make bottle-feeding so much more fun! Products like the Baby Brezza are like Keurigs for formula! They do all the mixing and dispensing so that you don’t have to struggle with spoons and messy powder. Quite the luxury indeed!

Hopefully, you have a clearer idea of some awesome tools for your bottle feeding journey. We think it should be an easy and delightful experience, and these supplies are for-sure worth consideration.

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