Best Apps for New Moms and Dads

New moms and dads have a lot of new responsibilities to keep track of.  Thankfully, we can count on modern technology to come to the rescue! These apps can help as you wade through your new journey that is parenthood.  Sleepless nights may hit you hard, but with the help of your smartphone or tablet, you’ll remain on top of all the things. 


New parenthood can feel lonely and isolating. Once everyone gets their fill of baby snuggles, they seem to disappear; they ghost you. Mush is an app that puts people back into your life. You’ll find a circle of other new parents who get what it means to stay up late and wake up early. The app connects you to people who share the same interests and who live locally. Making friends who are in the same stage of life is important and Mush makes it quick work to find your people. It’s on both Apple and Android. Cost: Free

Cozi Family Organizer

This nifty calendar makes it easier for you to sync up with all the members of your family! As your family grows, life gets more hectic, and it can become difficult to keep all your ducks in a row. Cozi lets you keep all of your appointments, to-do reminders, and even grocery lists together in one place. It is very easy to use as you can color-code each person! Lastly, the app even acts as a digital journal for all of your family’s memories and adventures.  It’s on both Apple and Android. Cost: Free 

Ovia Baby Development Tracker

If you’re brand new to parenting, this app is really useful for tracking your baby’s development, getting daily tips and tricks, and sharing milestones with extended family. Ovia allows you to add multiple children and even interact in a forum with other parents. There are tons of articles for you to read in various topics such as: maintaining work/life balance, normal infant behavior, and nutrition.  Many of the features are customizable to your family which makes the app feel like a personal extension of the family. It’s on both Apple and Android. Cost: Free


If there was ever an app that was the king of apps, this may be it! For foodies and starving new parents, this reigns as ruler! Because having a newborn and young family is exhausting, fully prepped meals often fall to the wayside. This app solves that problem by being the expert on all local delivery options! Not only can you order food with the press of a button, you can see menus and discounts as well. It serves 600+ cities and most restaurants do not charge a delivery fee. So don’t fret if you didn’t prep a year’s worth of freezer meals! It’s on both Apple and Android. Cost: Free

BlueSmart mia

One of the coolest apps around, the BlueSmart mia takes all the guesswork out of feeding your baby. Say goodbye to worrying and fretting about how much your baby is getting per bottle or if they ate well. To top it off, you won’t have to constantly check the time because the app lets you know when it’s time for baby’s meal.  The app works in an easy, two-part system. Slip the BlueSmart mia sleeve onto the bottom of the bottle and it can tell you not only the temperature of the bottle, but if it is angled appropriately. Loaded with voice recognition, the built-in Wi-Fi sends data to your phone, so that all pertinent info is stored there! Lastly, you can share your baby’s milestones, feedings, and diaper changes with family and their caregivers for a seamless transition! This app is a must if you want to make life a little easier!

Hopefully, these apps have already found their way onto your phone, and if not, install them…pronto!

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Heather Horrell

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