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Baby Shower Game Ideas

Baby Shower Game Ideas

If you’ve ever been to a baby shower, chances are you’ve played “guess how big the mom-to-be’s stomach is,” “don’t say ‘baby,’” or “guess which candy bar is in the diaper” (my personal least favorite!).

Finding original baby shower games that even game-averse guests might enjoy can be a challenge! Here are six games that you may not have heard of before that will give your baby shower a fun party vibe.

1. Headband Station

Make baby a headband | BlueSmart mia Blog

I love this idea! It gives your guests a chance to put their creativity to work, but it’s not intimidating to the non-crafty types (*raises hand*). It’s also a cute addition to the decor, and guests can work on the craft when they have a chance anytime during the shower. And of course, the mom-to-be gets a bunch of adorable headbands out of it!

2. Selfie Station

Selfie Station | BlueSmart mia Blog  

Source: Unique Melody Events & Design

Selfie stations aren’t just for wedding receptions—they can be a lot of fun at showers, too. You’ll need a sign, some cute props, a backdrop, and decent lighting. Since baby showers often take place during the day, try setting up your station across from a window for great natural lighting. 

To commemorate the event, you can create your own hashtag (like in the example above), or print pictures to make into a keepsake photo book. I would’ve loved having a memento like that from my baby shower!

3. ABC Book

ABC Book | BlueSmart mia Blog 

Via Living Eventfully 

Creating a handmade alphabet book is another way for guests to create a personalized memento for Baby. (If your baby shower guest list is on the smaller side, you can create a counting book instead.)

To set this project up, provide pre-cut letters (or numbers) and materials for coloring, drawing, painting, etc. Don’t forget to have each guest sign her name! 

4. Guess the Celebrity Kids

 Mariah Carey | BlueSmart mia Blog

Put together a list of celebrity moms, and have fun competing to see which guest can name the most celebrity kids! (Source: BuzzFeed)

5. Guess Whose Baby Photo?

 Polaroid Camera | BlueSmart mia Blog

Have guests bring pictures of themselves when they were a baby. Mix all the photos together and take turns guessing who is who! (Source: BuzzFeed)

6. Emoji Pictionary 

Emoji Pictionary | BlueSmart mia Blog

Via Etsy

You can find a variety of adorably styled printable baby shower games on Etsy, and this one is sure to be popular: guess the children’s book title based on the emojis in each category. Offer a prize to the guest who gets the most answers right.

As you can see, baby shower games don’t have to be “been there, done that.” Use a few of these fresh ideas to make the shower you’re hosting more fun. Great prizes make everything better, too, and they don’t have to break the bank. Here are a few ideas: 

  • $5 gift cards (Starbucks, mani/pedi, Bath & Body Works, etc.)
  • Succulents or other small indoor plants
  • Candles (here’s a DIY mason jar candle you can make in 5 minutes)
  • Coffee or tea

Happy celebrating!


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