Smart feeding system that tracks and analyzes your babys feeding intake
Guides parents,family members,and caregives on how to feed you little one
  • Best Feedings
    Pace of mind that your baby is getting the best feeding no matter who`s holding the bottle
  • Always Connected
    Monitor, track, and analyze your baby’s feedings in real-time with our mobile app
  • Easily Shared
    Every caregiver can experience the joy of baby’s growth, no matter where they are
What parents are saying
  • "Before BlueSmart mia, I had a journal for feeding, sleeping, and diapers. It's so nice that I have everything in the app now, and that it tracks the feedings for me so I don’t have to."

    - Daniela D’Amato

    "I would definitely recommend this product to any parent that loves to feel involved even when they can’t physically be present."

    - Caroline Desangles

  • "I have a nanny and knowing when my baby eats is important. Getting that notification that my baby is feeding brings me peace of mind”

    - Michelle Siedman

    "If you have a nanny, it’s so nice to get that confirmation that your nanny is doing the right thing.”

    - Diana Limongi Gabriele

How BlueSmart mia makes bottle feeding smarter
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  • "Its the perfect mealtime companion,giving you pace of mind about babys feedings when youre not there to do it yourself"

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  • "A flexible sleeve that fits most bottles,the BlueSmart mia connects to Wi-Fi via an easy-to-use app-so parents can track babys progress anytime,any place..."

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